Contact Information

We recommend contacting Genova directly with test kit and procedure questions. * Instructions for Genova kits can be found here.

*Exception: We suggest stopping all probiotic supplements 3 days prior to providing stool samples for Genova. If on antibiotics, please wait 5-7 days after finishing your course prior to completing the stool study kit. Please note the kit instructions may suggest stopping antibiotics/probiotics up to 14 days before, it has been our clinical experience that this is not necessary and that the guidelines above are significant to get accurate results.

If you have a billing questions or need a test kit, always contact Philadelphia Integrative Medicine.

Genova offers comprehensive patient resources on their website. Click here for their patient resource guide.

63 Zillicoa Street
Asheville, North Carolina 28801 - USA
Telephone: 800-522-4762



  • Always contact us directly with questions about your Genova bills. 

  • Genova does not accept Aetna.

  • Be sure to include a copy of the front and back of your health care coverage card and your payment with your kit.

  • If you received your kit in our office, the payment amount due with your test will be written on your requisition.

  • Genova may send two "good faith" bills that are yellow 3 weeks apart in an attempt to collect a balance. Do not pay them. If your insurance does not provide an EOB to Genova, you will receive a blue bill from Genova. In this case, you are responsible for sending a copy of the EOB to Genova. The open balance on the bill will remain open until the EOB is received by Genova. After that, you will NOT go into collections and your credit will not be affected.  As long as you paid your copay for the test and provided a copy of your insurance / Medicare card, that is all you need to do. Unfortunately, if you do pay a good faith bill, you cannot be refunded even though you are not responsible for this payment.

  • If your insurer is Blue Cross Blue Shield and you receive check(s) made out to you for your testing, be sure to sign the back of it and forward it Genova. Your insurance company will communicate with Genova that they have sent you payment and you are responsible for sending that payment to Genova.

  • Don't want to send your payment information with your kit? You can click here to pay online.



Most Genova kits are done at home, but kits that require a blood draw can be done at Any Lab Test Now.  A draw fee of $45 applies for each kit. Any Lab Test Now charges this at the time of your draw.

Include these items when sending in your completed test kit:

  • Completed requisition*
  • Payment 
  • A copy of the front and back of your health care coverage card

*If we shipped a kit directly to your home, Genova will have your ICD 10 codes and provider's signature on file even though they will not be on the requisition you receive with your kit.

Turnaround Times for Results

GI Effects - 4 weeks
SIBO - 2 weeks
Adrenocortex Stress Profile - 3 weeks
Complete Hormones - 4 weeks
O.N.E. - 3 weeks
One Day Hormone Check -2 weeks
Organix - 2 weeks
Triad Bloodspot - 4 weeks

Your results will automatically post to the Power2Patient portal as soon as they are available.