"I love integrative and functional medicine. Everything we do has evidence--in fact it's how all providers should practice. I help my patients see their own powerful role in their health and recovery.

I love spending time with my patients and seeing them get better!" -Dr. Georgia Tetlow



GEORGIA TETLOW, MD, ABOIM   |  Integrative Medicine Physician


American Board of Physician Specialties Certified in Integrative Medicine | Holistic Medicine and Integrative Medicine Physician

Clinical Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sidney Kimmel College, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Tetlow's journey to integrative medicine...

"When I was 23, a close friend told me I'd make a great doctor and it stuck. I had always wanted to bring a body, mind, spirit approach to my work, and I was concerned I'd lose these values when I prepared to enter conventional training at UNC Chapel Hill Medical School. Years later, after medical school and residency, I learned of the University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine. For me, the Fellowship represented a path that combined my yoga and mindfulness teacher self with my medically trained self. I went for it! I was already certified in Ayurveda, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and working as Medical Director of Integrative Medicine in my hospital network. The Fellowship provided me with a peer group and a much deeper knowledge base from which to practice. In addition, I have greatly benefited from the Institute of Functional Medicine curriculum, which taught me about integrative medicine testing in depth, as well as further provided the medical and research references, articles and background for what we do at PIM." - Georgia Tetlow

Dr. Tetlow talks about looking through the holistic lens


Looking for a doctor who deeply listens, addresses your health care goals, and bridges the gap between conventional and complimentary medicine?

Dr. Tetlow as an Integrative Medicine Physician

  • Treats the whole person, not just presenting symptoms.

  • Operates independently of pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies.

  • Is as devoted to prevention as she is to treatment.

  • Is an expert at diagnosing and treating pain.

  • Gets to the root cause for the greatest well-being.

Dr. Tetlow is founder of PIM's Impact Your Genetics Program

In addition to identifying genetic vulnerabilities that stay with you for lifeDr. Tetlow, through Impact Your Genetics program, offers functional genetic testing—whose results change as you change your lifestyle. Genes don’t change, but the proteins manufactured from on our genetic material do.

  • Learn about gene expression and its impact on our body shape, how we age, the stability of our mood, our blood sugar levels, whether we develop common family conditions, how we handle environmental toxins, etc.

  • Dr. Tetlow monitors these changes upstream in powerfully preventive ways through functional genetic testing.

Through the Impact Your Genetics Program, Dr. Tetlow provides you with individualized supplement recommendations to naturally and supportively affect gene expression, as well as personalized lifestyle recommendations based on your health goals.

Dr. Tetlow’s conventional, holistic, and complimentary Integrative Medicine education consists of:

Dr. Tetlow has received the following awards for her holistic medicine approach:

Dr. Tetlow is dedicated to providing you with the best in health care. Fellowship-trained at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship, she completed more than 1,000 hours of study, working directly under Fellowship Program Directors Andrew Weil, MDVictoria Maizes, MD, and Tieraona Low Dog, MD, as well as other respected leaders and researchers in the field of integrative medicine. This two year fellowship is the only program recognized for specialty status by the American Board of Physician Specialties.

Dr. Tetlow enjoys speaking locally and nationally to increase the knowledge base of practitioner and public audiences, and to further promote a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to healing, prevention and life.

Patient Reviews

After one visit with Dr. Tetlow, I had tangible things I could do to improve my health. In the past, I have visited my primary care physician only to be referred to several specialists that could not give me clear answers or solutions. My health was broken down into individual problems and only my symptoms were treated. Dr. Tetlow saw my issues as a whole and taught me how they interact with each other and affect me overall on a daily basis. She looked into the root of my problems and we discussed how we could begin to permanently resolve them. She devised a personalized plan for me that included steps to making lifestyle changes instead of expecting me to overhaul my life at once. She is realistic, optimistic, kind and understanding. I believe I will be able to achieve optimal health with her plan and will no longer need to settle for feeling my less-than-best.
— Denise R.
Dr. Tetlow gave me a path to improve my bone density through supplements, since I chose not to take the pharmaceuticals. In one year, my hips increased 19.5%. Dr. Tetlow has given me hope and faith that a natural, nutritional approach DOES work.”
— Marty R.