Your relationship with yourself is the key foundation to your health, because moment to moment and day-to-day choices create or undermine health and being well. 



Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, American Board of Physician Specialties | Holistic Medicine and Integrative Medicine Physician

Clinical Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sidney Kimmel College, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA

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Dr. Tetlow on Integrative Medicine:

We recognize that the current healthcare model labels people and ask them to conform. My clinical experience is that when you label someone, it can put a stigma on them, and then they can stigmatize themselves. At Philadelphia Integrative Medicine, we understand your underlying physiology, personalize solutions for you, and care for you by giving you the tools to be well. " - Georgia Tetlow , MD, ABOIM

Dr. Tetlow’s Education & Training


Dr. Tetlow enjoys speaking locally and nationally to increase the knowledge base of practitioner and public audiences, and to further promote a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to healing, prevention and life.


Patient Reviews

After one visit with Dr. Tetlow, I had tangible things I could do to improve my health. In the past, I have visited my primary care physician only to be referred to several specialists that could not give me clear answers or solutions. My health was broken down into individual problems and only my symptoms were treated. Dr. Tetlow saw my issues as a whole and taught me how they interact with each other and affect me overall on a daily basis. She looked into the root of my problems and we discussed how we could begin to permanently resolve them. She devised a personalized plan for me that included steps to making lifestyle changes instead of expecting me to overhaul my life at once. She is realistic, optimistic, kind and understanding. I believe I will be able to achieve optimal health with her plan and will no longer need to settle for feeling my less-than-best.
— Anonymous
Dr. Tetlow gave me a path to improve my bone density through supplements, since I chose not to take the pharmaceuticals. In one year, my hips increased 19.5%. Dr. Tetlow has given me hope and faith that a natural, nutritional approach DOES work.”
— Marty R.