integrative clinical mentorship



"It has been an incredible process of gaining clarity regarding my professional path. The mentoring program is a rewarding and purposeful process that allows me to understand the steps I need to take to achieve my professional goals. Dr. Tetlow takes the time to get to know her mentee, understand their background, wishes and goals and takes the time to discuss actionable steps towards these goals. The clinical aspect is equally as rewarding and very helpful in terms of learning about functional and integrative medicine approach in real life."


Design your practice around your patients and your own quality of life through onsite clinical mentorship.

It can take years to establish a healthy integrative practice, or to effectively transition an existing practice toward an integrative approach. All health-care provider and healing professionals welcome, at any stage of transition to integrative practice.  Combine tailored mentoring with a day, week or two weeks of clinical mentorship.

Intrigued but not sure where to start?

For Dr. Tetlow's extensive e-book on how to build your own integrative medicine practice, click here: Creating Your Integrative Practice. When you're ready, contact us for in-person, on-site mentoring!

Try a free 20-minute phone mentoring consultation with Dr. Tetlow to help you see your next step. Tailored Mentoring (Mondays only) addresses your unique clinical and practice management needs. Sign up for one or more tailored mentoring days.


Clinical mentorship occurs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a single day or up to 2 weeks. View our mentoring options*. Learn how to set up key aspects of an integrative practice:

  • Observe integrative management of all chronic illnesses

  • Learn the art of designing, marketing and leading group classes

  • Understand elements of state-of-the-art website and marketing

  • Personalize clinic intake and consent forms

  • Evaluate different tests and interpret results in the clinic

  • Test drive a popular integrative medical record

  • See benefits of in-person vs. virtual assistant staff

  • Identify a personal time-line with clearly identified steps so you can begin the transition to integrative practice today

*Scholarships and Custom Mentoring Packages are available. To schedule your 1st mentoring appointment and/or propose a scholarship, simply click “Get Started” below.