PIM Functional Nutrition


What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body. Seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms give clues about the underlying cause of illness or disease. Instead of suppressing the symptoms with natural or pharmaceutical agents, Rachel Hershberger, MS, CNS, LDN pieces them together to get a picture of the root cause(s) and create a plan offering the appropriate support.

Together, we explore your personal story and look at diet, symptoms and physical signs, health history, lab work, lifestyle, activity, family and social life, toxin exposures, stress, sleep, etc. to develop an approach that is right for you.

Nutrition is for Everyone!

  • Struggle with weight loss.

  • Would like to improve your overall wellness.

  • Have questions about which vitamins and supplements to take.

  • Have a risk factor, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

  • Have a chronic condition to manage

  • Your doctor has told you that you can improve your condition with better nutrition.

  • Your healthcare provider has recommended an elemental diet, elimination diet, paleo, ketogenic, gluten free or other specific diet

  • Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or osteoporosis run in your family.

  • Have IBS, IBD or other gut ailment.

  • Have questions about what foods you should eat or avoid

  • Could benefit from seeing a registered dietitian or someone who specializes in nutrition counseling.

Functional Nutrition

*Nutrition appointments are available to compliment treatment of existing patients.