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Welcome! Our Annual Comprehensive Prime Cognition Program is designed to support all who seek to optimize their Cognitive Health through early intervention.

Bredesen Protocol certified Annmarie McManus, MMSc, PA-C, PT, IFMCP leads PIM's Prime Cognition Membership Program. This program is for a wide range of patients, including those that want to optimize their health to prevent future cognitive imbalance. For those with more progressed symptoms, it is encouraged that a family or caregiver attend  all appointments with you as an advocate for your progress. 

Because this is an intensive program that requires recurring testing and a specific amount of appointments to be scheduled in particular increments, our membership is required to participate in this program. 

A free 20-minute consultation is required for all Prime Cognition Patients! 

Annmarie McManus, Functional Medicine MMSc, PA-C, PT, IFMCP

Annmarie McManus, Functional Medicine MMSc, PA-C, PT, IFMCP

$2300 Prime Cognition Membership includes:

  • Your first two appointments with Annmarie are 60 minutes each.

  • 2 appointments with our Nutritionist, Rachel Hershbeger, MS, CNS, LDN to optimize your diet for brain health.

  • 4 follow up appointments (30 minutes each) with Annmarie.

  • Comprehensive cognitive assessment including an individualized plan after each visit.

  • Learn ways to reduce risk and prevent cognitive impairment while addressing existing issues.

  • Supplement recommendations—can be purchased in our office, online store or elsewhere.

  • Incorporation of Mind Body practice—basic skills will be taught and resources provided.

  • Referrals to other providers—as medically appropriate, may include conventional and integrative practitioners.

  • Conventional lab testing through Quest/Labcorp—covered by insurance, copays and deductibles apply (not included in the cost of Membership)

  • Specialty lab testing—copay is determined upfront and rarely exceeds $200; Philadelphia Integrative Medicine receives no benefit from any testing we recommend. Annmarie will determine which labs are appropriate for your health goals and budget.  

  • *Optional lab analysis/ diagnostic tool for clinical support through ReCODE/ Dr. Bredesen Protocol (additional fees apply)* Recode offers important and instructive diagnostic information, however PIM does not guarantee that every lab recommended by ReCODE will be performed because of lab availability and/or clinical relevance.


Get started today! 

Complete the  required online scheduling form to request a free 20-minute in-person or phone consult with Annmarie (required for Prime Cognition Program)!

Please Note: You can schedule on behalf of a family member or loved one, however we do ask that the patient themselves contact Denise to give verbal consent.


How to sign up for a Prime Cognition Membership:

  1. Schedule your free 20 minute Consult with Annmarie today. Please Note: You can schedule on behalf of your family member if you wish, but we do require verbal consent from the patient themselves.

  2. After you complete your consult, become a member and schedule your first appointment if you have not done so already (make sure to let Denise know if you want to participate in ReCODE or not).

  3. Complete your registration and Medical profile through P2P, PIM's online patient portal, see detailed instruction on our new patient intake page.

  4. *Additional lab analysis is available at cost ($75 per month for 1 year) but is not mandatory to participate in PIM's Prime Cognition Program. Administrative cost of $100 to PIM will apply for ReCODE: If you prefer to participate in the optional ReCODE, please see instructions.

    ReCODE / Dr. Bredesen protocol.   

Prime Coordinator, Denise Roberts

Prime Coordinator, Denise Roberts

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