ReCODE Instructions

Please watch the Patient ReCODE Report™ Tutorial Video in full. We ask for first and last name, all MPI Cognition information is HIPPA compliant.

  1. Sign up- Enter your first name, last name and email address – phone number is optional (this part has changed since the tutorial, we are no longer using “usernames”), then click “Create Account”.

  2. Please check your inbox for an email from Open this email to confirm your account and create a password. 

  3. Once logged into your Patient Account, you will be prompted to pay the first $75 USD /monthly fee with a one year commitment.

  4. Once you are logged into your “active” patient ReCODE Report™ account, click “Providers” and search for Annmarie McManus.

  5. Before clicking “Select Provider”, please make sure you have enrolled as a PIM Member and your first appointment is scheduled.

  6. After you have located Annmarie, please click “Select Provider” to give PIM confidential access to medical information support with Dr. Bredesen and MPI Cognition’s CMO Dr. Ross, and the ability to generate ReCODE Reports™ for you.

  7. We recommend reading through the Nutritional Guidelines. Please check with your physician before changing your diet, especially if you are on any medications.

  8. For your complimentary Brain HQ account to activate, please allow 1-3 business days after activating your ReCODE Report™ account. You will receive an email from with information on how to set up your complimentary Brain HQ account. If you already have a Brain HQ account, please allow up to three business days for the switch.

  9. Call or email ReCODE with any and all questions! (800) 450-0805; (Please expect a response within three business days, due to the high volume of inquiry.)