Contact Information

Please contact Aerodiagnostics directly if you have any testing kit or procedure questions. If you need a requisition for this test, contact our office.

One Cranberry Hill, Suite 304,
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421
Telephone: 844-681-9449


1.      A completed form is required by the lab, Aerodiagnostics for this test to be shipped to your home.

2.      We suggest you call your insurance company or Medicare provider to determine your coverage and if a prior authorization is necessary and use the follow CPT codes for them to identify the test you are requesting coverage for.

           CPT codes:


                91065x1 with TC Modifier

3.      After you complete the form, including payment method, PIM will fax this to the lab and they will ship the kit to your home within 5 business days. If you are unable to complete the form in the office, please complete it and send in.

You will not receive your kit if the completed form is not sent to Aerodiagnostics.

Please note: if you opt not to complete your kit, please return unopened kits within 60 days of receipt to Aerodiagnostics to avoid a $59.95 fee

One Cranberry Hill, Suite 304,
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421



We recommend calling you insurance provider or Medicare to ask before completing the test.

If your insurance provider does not cover the test at all,  you may receive a bill from Aerodiagnostics. If the bill is more than $199.74 (sometimes up to $700 ), please do not be concerned, call Aerodiagnostics at (617) 608-3832 to have your bill discounted. The test will never cost more than $199.74. All patients are eligible for this discounted rate.

Turnaround Time for Results

Please see detailed instructions inside your test kit. Further details on this handout.

SIBO - 2 Weeks

14 days prior-no antibiotics. 7 days prior- no laxatives, stool softners, colonoscopy, or barium enema. 1 day prior- see kit instructions for diet (we recommend rice and chicken or tofu). 12 hours prior and during- no eating or drinking besides a small amount of water for any essential pills. Avoid Probiotics 3 days prior.