Contact Information

Please contact Aerodiagnostics directly if you have any testing kit or procedure questions. If you need a requisition for this test, contact our office.

One Cranberry Hill, Suite 304,
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421
Telephone: 844-681-9449

Billing & Instructions

We will provide a requisition for this test on the Power2Patient portal.  Please complete the form and email or fax it to the contact at the top of the requisition. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact price for each patient, but you can call your insurance company or Medicare provider with the two CPT codes on the requisition to inquire about coverage. Depending on your coverage, you may need a prior authorization for this test to be covered. We recommend calling you insurance provider to ask before completing the test. We do know that the test will not cost more than $199. 

Turnaround Time for Results

SIBO - 2 Weeks