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Functional Genetic Testing

Functional Genetic Testing | Baseline Genetic Testing | MTHFR Pathways

Through the Impact Your Genetics program, Dr. Tetlow interprets your raw genetic data and makes it an essential aspect of your treatment plan.

In addition to identifying genetic vulnerabilities that stay with you for lifeDr. Tetlow offers functional genetic testing through Impact Your Genetics program. You will receive a 2 page summary of your key gene vulnerabilities, as well as a 16 page in-depth report

Genes don’t change, but the proteins manufactured from on our genetic material do. Moment to moment choices profoundly impact health and well-being through affecting gene expression.

Changes in gene expression can be measured- see your results change as you change your lifestyle!

Monitoring your genes for powerful prevention.

Dr. Tetlow monitors these changes upstream in powerfully preventive ways through functional genetic testing.

The interpreted genes can help remedy:

  • fatigue

  • impaired digestion

  • allergies

  • hormonal /mood imbalance

  • thyroid

  • blood sugar

  • detox barriers

  • most chronic conditions

Although cancer and Alzheimer’s related genes are not tested, the pathways that contribute to these illnesses are evaluated. These include a variety of inflammatory and detoxification pathways implicated in cancer, dementia and the pathogenesis and prevention of countless chronic illnesses.

An Impact Your Genetics Appointment with Dr. Tetlow is offered to existing patients only. The appointment length is 80 minutes and the cost is $800. Genetics testing is $225. If you already have your genetic raw data and do not need a test kit, the report fee is $25.

How to purchase a kit

**Complete 10 weeks prior to genetics appointment**

  1. Request a Methylgenetics DNA kit in the office or email

  2. Pay $225 to PIM for the kit and it will be shipped to your home within 3-5 business days

  3. You will receive an email to register your kit with a PIN number, save this email.

  4. Once you receive the kit by mail, register your kit and complete a health survey at according to their instructions.

  5. Complete the saliva kit at home and return to the lab according to the instructions inside the kit.

  6. Schedule an extended follow up with Dr. Tetlow to review your results. You will get extensive information this is why we recommend a separate double follow up appointment to review your individual genetics results.

For the first genetics visit, Dr. Tetlow normally recommends an extended appointment to go over all of the information provided in a genetics report. Patients need to complete their regular New Patient Appointment before scheduling a genetics appointment.

Already have your genetic raw data?

  1. Schedule a Genetics Appointment.

  2. You will receive an email to register and consent from Functional Genomic Analysis (formly Methylgenetics Nutrition Analysis) with a PIN number. Please register and consent.

  3. Email your raw data to

  4. We confirm receipt of your genome and run your genetics reports.

  5. There is a $25 fee for running these reports. We will email you an invoice.