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Functional Genetic Testing

Functional Genetic Testing | Baseline Genetic Testing | MTHFR Pathways

Through the Impact Your Genetics program, Dr. Tetlow interprets your raw genetic data and makes it an essential aspect of your treatment plan.

In addition to identifying genetic vulnerabilities that stay with you for lifeDr. Tetlow, through Impact Your Genetics program, offers functional genetic testing—whose results change as you change your lifestyle.

Genes don’t change, but the proteins manufactured from on our genetic material do. Moment to moment and day to day choices profoundly impact health and well-being through affecting gene expression.

Changes in gene expression can be measured through our body shape, how we age, the stability of our mood, our blood sugar levels, whether we develop common family conditions, how we handle environmental toxins, etc.

Monitoring your genes for powerful prevention.

Dr. Tetlow monitors these changes upstream in powerfully preventive ways through functional genetic testing. She provides you with individualized supplement recommendations to naturally and supportively affect gene expression, as well as personalized lifestyle recommendations based on your health goals.

How to purchase a kit

**Complete 10 weeks prior to follow up appointment**

  1. Request a Methylgenetics DNA kit in the office or email

  2. Pay $199 to PIM for the kit and it will be shipped to your home within 3-5 business days

  3. You will receive an email to register your kit with a PIN number, save this email.

  4. Once your receive the kit by mail, register your kit and complete a health survey at according to their instructions.

  5. Complete the saliva kit at home and return to the lab according to the instructions inside the kit.

  6. Schedule an extended follow up with Dr. Tetlow to review your results. You will get extensive information this is why we recommend a separate double follow up appointment to review your individual genetics results.

Dr. Tetlow and the PIM team use highly specialized genetic  software including MethylGenetics, StrataGene, and others, to analyze your raw genetic data. This service is included in the cost of your appointment.


Genetic Testing

Baseline genetic testing through MGNA provides Dr. Tetlow with your raw genetic material for interpretation (test kits are $199). These results include all methylation or MTHFR pathways and reveal your genetic blue print that does not change with time.

Genetic testing through identifies over 600,000 genes but one needs a special website to turn that data into usable information—information about your individual biochemical vulnerabilities and the lifestyle choices that would matter the most for you.

The interpreted genes let you know how to remedy fatigue (remedies depend on the individual cause), impaired digestion, food and environmental allergies, hormonal and mood imbalance including thyroid, neurotransmitters and blood sugar. You will also learn if your body processes chemicals well or not and how to enhance daily detox. I also cover whether you would benefit more or less from probiotics (or gluten elimination), based on genetic typing.

The genes give me information about you as a whole person and show areas that need support. There are no conflicts such as one gene suggests this treatment but another gene contradicts that. On another note, genes are sometimes turned on and sometimes turned off, so it can be helpful for me to rely on your history, or there are simple urine tests to see what genes are active now.

Although cancer and Alzheimer’s related genes are not tested, the pathways that contribute to these illnesses are evaluated. These include a variety of inflammatory and detoxification pathways implicated in cancer, dementia and the pathogenesis and prevention of countless chronic illnesses.

What you can expect: lifestyle recommendations and supplements that can help activate or replace the function of certain genes—genes code for enzymes and enzymes can be enhanced, tamed and basically altered by daily choices and nutritional supplements. You’ll also receive a 2 page summary of your key gene vulnerabilities, as well as a 16 page in-depth report.

These test results do change over time and include:

  • Methylation Pathway Test (gauge your progress!)

  • Methylation Plasma Profile

  • Methyl Detox Testing

  • DNA Oxidative Damage Testing

  • Organic Acids Test

  • Urine Amino Acids Test

  • CardioGenomic Plus Profile

  • EstroGenomic Profile

  • ImmunoGenomic Profile

  • NeuroGenomic Profile

  • ApoE4 Testing

  • Telomere Testing

  • Vitamin D (absorption, conversion and cellular transport) Gene Testing