New Patient Intake

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Philadelphia Integrative Medicine's integrative/functional medicine approach is different from a purely conventional approach. Our providers see you as a whole person. They will work with you to find root causes and preventive approaches that put you and your health at the center. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time each time you come into the clinic, this allows us to run on time.

Let's get started!

These directions are for patients who have already scheduled a New Patient Appointment. If you have not scheduled an appointment, you can schedule here.

We recommend that all patients read our FAQs

1. Pay your deposit to secure your appointment

You may have already completed this step while scheduling. The deposit is due the same day as scheduling. If you received an emailed invoice, you can pay securely online by clicking "View Invoice" or by calling (888) 702-7974 x0. If you are mailing a check, please contact us to let us know.  Be sure to read our financial policy.

Unfortunately, if the deposit is not received within 48 hours, we can no longer hold your appointment, but are happy to reschedule. We require 3 days’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. A $25 fee applies to refunded deposits. No fee applies for rescheduled appointments.

2. Register for our free patient portal, Power2Patient

Your username and email address are the same*. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact support at (855) 667-1967. If you previously registered, login.

*If another user is already using your email address as a username, your username will differ. The same email address can be used on multiple accounts, but a different username is needed for each patient. You should also receive your username in an email from P2P. If you are not sure what your username is, please  contact us.

3. Complete your medical profile no later than 1 week prior to your appointment

Under the "Health" tab in P2P, click "My Medical Profile". Complete all tabs of the profile. Unfortunately, if your profile is not complete 1 week prior to your appointment, we will need to reschedule. If you complete your profile early and would like to be notified if an earlier appointment becomes available, contact Denise Roberts on the portal and ask to be added to the waiting list. 

4. E-Sign consent forms

Click on the "e-Sign Documents" tab and sign your New Patient Consent Form.

5. Send medical records (optional) 

The Authorization for Release is also under the e-sign tab. This is not mandatory, but if you have any records that you would to request be sent to us from another provider, please fill that out, print it, and send it to your provider. If you have more than one provider that you would like to send a release to, contact Denise Roberts on the portal and she can make additional releases available. ***Please note that we do not send the authorization for release for you. Patients are responsible for sending this document to their providers. We will send you a confirmation for any records that are received. If you would like us to fax the request for you, please ask us.***

It takes an average of 30 days for other providers to send us your records. If you need your provider to send us records in under 30 days, we recommend writing, "URGENT! STAT!" and including the date your records are due on the top of the release and highlighting it. 

Records received one week or more prior to your appointment will be reviewed. Records received less than one week before your appointment or records that are brought in the day of your appointment will not be reviewed until the following appointment. 

If you already have a copy of your records that you would like to send us, fax them to (888) 702-7974 or email Emailed records must be in PDF format or we are unable to add them to your file with the exception of 23 and Me raw data. We will send a confirmation once your records are received.

6. (Members Only) Complete Your Membership Sign Up

For members paying upfront: 

Simply sign your Membership Agreement under the e-Sign tab in Power2Patient and you're all set. The balance of your membership is due at check out on the day of your appointment.

For members who are financing:

  • Sign your Membership Agreement under the e-Sign tab in Power2Patient.
  • Complete your financing application. Click here for the application. The total amount that needs to be financed is $2,000.
    • Your initial visit must occur within 60 days of your finance application date. HCS allows your application to remain open for 30 days to accept.
    • Enter treatment start date (the date of your first appointment) and continue your HCS financing application.
  • Email or fax a copy of your Driver's license or photo ID to for security purposes, we cannot process your application without this!
  • Once your ID is received by PIM, you will be prompted via email to finalize and  E-sign  your HCS financing application.
    • If you prefer not to E-sign, email to or print and fax to: 704-899-5925.
  • If you have any issues, or receive an error in your application, please contact HCS customer support Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm EST 866-319-6714, otherwise HCS will contact you the next business day if they notice any errors.

Thank you for completing the intake process. We look forward to your appointment!

Your Invoice Fulfillment (aka Superbill), which is used to submit for insurance reimbursement, will be available on the portal under the "Documents" tab 1 business day after your appointment.