Diagnostic Solutions 


Contact Information

We recommend contacting Diagnostic Solutions directly with test kit and procedure questions.  Please contact our office directly if you need a kit or requisition.

5895 Shiloh Rd Ste 101
lpharetta, GA 30005
Telephone: 877-485-5336


Billing for GI Map

 A $325 payment to PIM will be taken at the time you are given a test kit.

Please complete to included paperwork with your kit. Do not include your insurance card.

Medicare patients: There is no payment needed with this kit. Be sure to include a copy of your Medicare card when sending the kit back to the lab.


Turnaround Time for Results

GI Map - 4 Weeks

Stop probiotic supplements 3 days prior. Collect at home any time of day. Schedule FedEx pickup within 6 days of collection, refrigerate until shipment. Please see detailed instructions inside your test kit.

We will post your results to the Documents tab in the Power2Patient portal as soon as they are available.