"I feel gratitude that Dr. Tetlow and Lauren Houser have become a part of both my professional and personal community. You are invaluable. Your expertise and commitment are complemented by the natural compassion that is so evident in the integrity of your work. The balance of professionalism and humanism is what sets you apart from many other Healthcare Providers. Thank You!" - Julie J.

"I am a patient of Lauren’s and wanted to take a quick moment to say how wonderful I think Lauren is. Lauren very quickly identified 3 major areas that needed work. She put together a clear plan, explained it in a way that was very easy to understand and has been executing on that plan. She has been patient, a good listener, very organized and extremely knowledgeable. I am really impressed how much knowledge she has learned. She hasn’t left any “rock unturned” at this point. She is providing the most comprehensive care I have ever had. She simply is the best health practitioner that I have ever worked with and that says a lot because I have worked with a lot of different practitioners."

"After one visit with Dr. Tetlow, I had tangible things I could do to improve my health. In the past, I have visited my primary care physician only to be referred to several specialists that could not give me clear answers or solutions. My health was broken down into individual problems and only my symptoms were treated. Dr. Tetlow saw my issues as a whole and taught me how they interact with each other and affect me overall on a daily basis. She looked into the root of my problems and we discussed how we could begin to permanently resolve them. She devised a personalized plan for me that included steps to making lifestyle changes instead of expecting me to overhaul my life at once. She is realistic, optimistic, kind and understanding. I believe I will be able to achieve optimal health with her plan and will no longer need to settle for feeling my less-than-best.” - Denise R

"Lauren Houser is phenomenal and genuine. I couldn’t be happier with the practice. The service I am getting is unparalleled. Since being switched to the compounded thyroid medication and a few tiny tweaks, I feel worlds better! I can’t describe the way I feel. I don’t feel perfect, but balanced, and I still have work to do, but wow!" - Colin G

"I gained wisdom and learned from Dr. Tetlow’s experience in integrative patient care and diagnostic testing. I appreciated everything within this opportunity, Dr. Tetlow’s time, her energy, her staff at PIM and her sincerity. It was a great experience. Every member of Dr. Tetlow’s staff is great." - Dr. Azam, Clinical Mentoring Client

“I was referred to this practice by both Dr. Sasson at Shady Grove Fertility and my acupuncturist, Meredith Murphy. We experienced three unexplained pregnancy losses and the standard tests my doctor performed all came back fine, so I was looking for a provider who looks deeper for root causes. We started working with Lauren Houser and she's been wonderful. I really appreciated the time she took to learn our history and the customized step-by-step plan she developed for us. She had us try different things and do incremental testing to try and determine the root cause for our losses. Through a combination of dietary changes, additional supplements/vitamins to address micronutritional gaps, and medication for my thyroid, we got to welcome our baby girl, Yuna, into this world on 8/8/18. While we are not sure which of the factors helped influence the successful outcome this time, I strongly believe Lauren helped me improve my health overall and it's a complex system that appreciates all the improvements. We've been recommending this practice to our friends and family for any number of health improvement reasons and are so glad we found such caring medical professionals, who look deeper within to find solutions for their patients. Thank you so much!” Tatiana & Jose

"Dr. Tetlow gave me a path to improve my bone density through supplements, since I chose not to take the pharmaceuticals. In one year, my hips increased 19.5%. Dr. Tetlow has given me hope and faith that a natural, nutritional approach DOES work.” - Marty R.

"Dr. Tetlow modeled for me multiple aspects of integrative medicine, all the way from explaining advanced special lab testing and supplements’ mechanisms of actions to how to run a private practice. I love and appreciate that she is so willing to help on all levels of my learning curve. I particularly love how methodical, clear and energetic Dr. Tetlow is, both in advising me and working with patients." - Kea Gilbert, MD, Clinical Mentoring Client

"My overall health and well-being have improved tremendously since I began seeing Dr. Tetlow. After years of frustrating joint and back pain coupled with almost constant fatigue, Dr. Tetlow methodically analyzed my situation and recommended a program that has helped me feel much, much better. She is a wise and caring practitioner and I am grateful to have her on my healthcare team." - M.W.

"I had an amazing experience and a chance to better understand what Integrative Medicine is. Mentoring started with identifying my personal and professional goals. The program continued with direct exposure to Integrative Medicine cases where I was able to see the art of Integrative care in action. Through shadowing Dr. Tetlow, I learned so much about myself that I was able to create a new model for my professional and financial goals. By applying an integrative approach, I have confidence that I will be able to start my own medical business in the next year." Yuriy Ilkovych, MD, Clinical Mentoring Client

"I was a healthy and energetic 25-year-old when in 2015 I started having terrible GI discomfort. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and found (the) approach of throwing pharmaceuticals at a few of my symptoms without any real quantitative data or understanding, frankly, unsettling. Beyond still suffering from many symptoms, I needed a physician who would listen to my concerns with earnest and treat ME, not just my disease. Dr. Tetlow made me feel more at ease and listened to than I had in the previous 15 months with my other doctor(s). She made me feel like I had the right to be there, to ask questions, and most importantly to champion my own health. She listened to my concerns from the obvious physical ailments to the more nuanced emotional struggles of dealing with a new life-long disease. In just the four months I have been seeing Dr. Tetlow and the team, I have been transformed. Things I was unaware even being ‘wrong’ – things I had just learned to live with thinking they were ‘just me’ – began to remedy themselves. My energy level returned in dramatic fashion, swelling I had attributed to weight gain and steroids vanished, and I felt more myself than I had in more than 2 years. The Hello Health portal is always there to give me same-day feedback on any question I might have for the team, and it really gives me a sense of ease that I’m no longer in this alone." - Colleen

"In so many ways I am very, very grateful to Dr. Tetlow. Right from my first visit in the spring of 2014, Dr. Tetlow encouraged me to be my own authority. My feelings, concerns and questions were of importance to her. “All of me” figured into her perspective of my health picture. This told me that Dr. Tetlow truly respects me as a fellow human being, first and foremost. I am 66 years old and I can say with clear honesty that Dr. Tetlow has helped me resolve long-standing health issues. And I am confident that Dr. Tetlow will continue to be able to help me stay healthy. It is evident to me that Dr. Tetlow has a broad knowledge base in her field of Integrative Medicine as well as a curiosity and desire to bring forth new ideas and approaches into her practice. All of which is strengthened by her belief in the body’s innate wisdom to heal. Not secondary to all I have just written, Dr. Tetlow also introduced me to Mindfulness. This has been another crucial piece towards my reaching better health I continue to learn and benefit so much from being a patient of Dr. Tetlow’s. She has also chosen marvelous individuals to work with her. All respond with kindness."