Quest Diagnostics


Contact Information

Please contact Quest directly with questions or to find a location for your draw.

If you need a requisition, contact our office. Your requisition will be available on the Power2Patient portal and will specify important details such as if your test is fasting or non-fasting and if there is a specific time you need to have your draw done.

Turnaround Times for Results

Turnaround times for Quest testing varies from 1 day to about 2 weeks depending on which tests are ordered. To check the turnaround time for your tests, please contact Quest directly with your requisition on hand.

Your results will automatically post to the Power2Patient portal as soon as they are available.



Quest will bill your health coverage plan first. No upfront payment is required at the time of testing. You can check coverage for your tests by calling your health coverage provider with the CPT codes for your tests. Some health care plans require you to use certain labs and/or will only cover labs ordered by your primary care physician. PIM providers are not primary care physicians. Be sure to always call your health care coverage provider to check on your coverage.  If you find that your Quest testing will not be covered, please contact us so we can check for alternate, lower-cost testing options.

If you receive a bill from Quest, in certain cases we are able to provide an alternate ICD-10 code to have your bill lowered. If you think we can help, please contact us . We will need a copy of your invoice.