SpectraCell Laboratories


Contact Information

We recommend contacting SpectraCell directly with test kit and procedure questions.  If you need a requisition or kit, please contact Philadelphia Integrative Medicine directly.

    Find a draw site for your test. A draw fee may apply.

      10401 Town Park Drive
      Houston, Texas 77072
      Telephone: 800-227-5227



      Be sure to include a copy of the front and back of your health care coverage card and your payment with your kit.

      SpectraCell does not balance bill which means you will not owe any additional payment as long as you submit your initial payment with your kit. Your insurer may ask for a letter of medical necessity (LOMN) for this test which we are happy to provide. To request a LOMN, please contact Shannon through the Power2Patient portal.

      Medicare patients should be aware that if MTHFR testing is desired or cholesterol testing is performed too frequently, that they may receive a bill for $59 or $40 respectively from Spectracell. This does not happen often but it is a possibility.

      Here is SpectraCell's price list for Medicare patients.



      The draw site will ship the kit for you. Include these items with your kit:

      • Completed requisition
      • Payment
      • A copy of the front and back of your health care coverage card

      Turnaround Times for Results

      Micronutrient/Antioxidant Test - 4 weeks
      MTHFR, genetic test - 3 weeks
      Cardiometabolic Panel - 3 weeks
      Thyroid + Adrenal - 3 weeks
      Omega Check - 3 weeks

      Your results will automatically post to the Power2Patient portal as soon as they are available.