Alternative Treatment For Gut Health

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By Colleen McDonnell, RN

What is Visceral Massage?

Visceral Massage is an alternative treatment that Lauren Houser, CRNP is excited about, she often recommends as part of a comprehensive integrative treatment plan. It incorporates gentle massage techniques applied to internal organs. The stretching and kneading of deep tissues enhances blood flow and energy to these parts of the body while releasing restrictions, adhesions and scar tissue.

Why is Visceral Massage helpful for SIBO/Gut health?

Trauma to the abdominal region, including surgery can cause adhesions and scar tissue formation which can impact motility and movement of the GI tract. The ileocecal valve connects the small intestine to the first part of the large intestine.  Dysfunction of this valve can cause bacteria to migrate from the large intestine to the small intestine, where these species were not intended to be. Specific visceral massage techniques can improve the ileocecal valve function. Visceral massage may also improve motility of the small and large intestine as well as the function of our liver, stomach and other digestive organs.

How can you get started on treatment?

We recommend working with a healthcare provider is addition to this alternative treatment to address your gut health. PIM has appointment availability! Lauren Houser, CRNP was in such demand that for a period of time, we closed her practice to new patients. Lauren is passionate about healing the whole patient, starting with your gut. Her patients are doing so well that she has now has appointment availability again. Request a FREE 20 minute consultation or new patient appointment with Lauren today!

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners is a great resource to find a local practitioner of Visceral massage. Lauren can also work closely with you to find a masseuse to fit your specific needs.

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