Sniffles and Itches and Sneezes, Oh My! How to Take Control of Allergy Season Naturally


Sniffles and Itches and Sneezes, Oh My! How to Take Control of Allergy Season Naturally

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight...oh lord” (Cue Phil Collins)

You may already feel it coming!  With the warm air last week and the first day of Spring, allergy season is springing forth from its winter hibernation. For some, allergies may appear as the occasional sniffle, but for others allergies can be incapacitating. Conventional medications to relieve allergy symptoms, like benadryl, can knock out the symptoms, but also knock you out in the process. And as much as we’d all love to sleep all day, that is not usually a viable option.

Instead, I’d like to propose some holistic treatments that will do the trick, without putting you to sleep and potentially causing other uncomfortable symptoms. The food we eat, the air we breathe, and the supplements we consume can greatly affect our sinuses and allergic reactions!

Diet Recommendations:

Decrease dairy (milk protein) and total protein intake. Plant proteins may be preferable. 

Consume omega-3–rich fats found in cold-water fish, nuts, greens, and ground flaxseed. Consider the addition of pharmaceutical-grade (distilled, pure) fish oil capsules or liquid supplements. 

Follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Avoid processed foods, partially hydrogenated oils, white sugar, and flour. Replace vegetable oils with olive or canola oil for cooking. Avoid excessive amounts of saturated fat, such as those found in red meat, fried foods, and dairy products.

Increase water intake dramatically to maintain adequate hydration. 

Increase intake of natural bioflavonoids and antioxidants by eating more organic fruits (especially berries) and vegetables.

Supplements we mention to patients in the clinic--supplements can interact and affect how you metabolize prescription medicine, so consult your integrative provider before diving in!


  • Magnesium glycinate

  • Vitamin C

  • A wonderful combo of 2 supplements by OrthoMolecular:

    • D Hist: A natural antihistamine

    • Sinatrol: Supports the adrenals and helps dissipate the fatigue that goes along with allergies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Acupuncture therapy with or without Chinese herbal therapy can be used for allergic rhinitis. Most studies used artificially standardized regimens; individualized therapy may be more efficacious. 

  • Chinese herbal therapy and acupuncture can be helpful for asthma control. 

Remove Environmental Triggers from the Home

With perennial allergens (e.g., dust mites), washing bed clothes weekly in hot water, encasing mattresses and pillows in mite-impermeable covers, and removing carpeting from rooms (especially bedrooms) may be helpful. Regular vacuuming of carpeted areas by someone without allergies is also suggested. 

  • Pet-sensitive individuals are a special case. The ideal solution, removal of the pet from the household, is typically not an option with pet lovers, like us! In this case, removing pet access to the bedroom is helpful. 

  • A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is useful for light, floating allergens, such as cat allergens; it is less effective with dog allergens.

Avoid Peak Pollen Exposure Outdoors

  • Outdoor pollens are ubiquitous; avoidance is nearly impossible. Pollen-sensitive patients can avoid significant exposure by limiting outdoor activities between 5 and 10 AM and on dry, windy days, when airborne pollen levels are highest

Prevention Prescription

Prevention is key. Why suffer from seasonal allergies when you can prevent them from happening in the first place? Happy spring!

Schedule your free 20 minute consult at the link below to learn how we can help prevent your Spring allergies!

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Written by Dani Mortimer, Clinic Manager