Spring had Sprung (part 2)

2. Hit the Reset Button If any season will remind you to stop and smell the roses, it’s Spring.  Many of us are feeling stressed, overworked, and maybe in a rut.  An effective way to emerge from this is practicing mindfulness meditation.

If you have trouble finding the time to set aside for formal meditation or yoga classes, maybe you could use it as an excuse to stay in bed a little longer and practice some bed meditation.  Larry Berkelhammer, PhD, wrote a wonderful article about bed meditation for Philadelphia Integrative Medicine called “Mindfulness: It’s Not What You Think”.  See this article and more details on bed meditation here: http://www.philly-im.com/mindfulness-its-not-what-you-think/ 

3. Renewal

Nature is full of renewal right now and it can be empowering to participate.  Take a walk, go on a hike, or plant a garden. Create a balanced fitness program or make adjustments to spice up your current routine.  Try a new recipe.  The possibilities are endless, but trying anything new this season will be sure to pay off.

While change can be inspiring, it is also important for it to be gradual.  We want your changes to be invigorating, not overwhelming.  Please do make changes that will be beneficial for you and do not feel the need for a complete overhaul.  Here’s to a happy, healthy Spring!