Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guidelines

anti-inflammatory diet

By Georgia Tetlow, MD and Jill Maddock, PIM Office Manager

It is increasingly clear that inflammation is the root cause in many ailments. Inflammation can surface on the skin as pain, redness, swelling or heat. Inflammation is the body’s immune response to factors such as toxin exposure, stress, genetic predisposition, and lack of exercise. This occurs as the body is rushing it’s resources to the inflamed location in attempt to provide nourishment. The good news is a reaction like this can indicate the strength of your immune system, however, chronic inflammation can cause damage and manifest as more problematic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease or cancer. One way to prevent or heal inflammation is through food.

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD of the University of Arizona offers a wonderful resource for an anti-inflammatory diet. He even created a food pyramid with serving recommendations! There are even specific food choices to choose from.

Banyan Botanicals offers an ayurvedic cleanse that consists of 3 days of a mono-diet, the surrounding 6 days allow time to cut back on any processed or over stimulating foods and time to reintroduce foods afterwards. The purpose of the mono-diet is to give your body a break from breaking down processed or highly stimulating foods.

The mono-diet consists of a rice dish for every meal prepared fresh with easily digestible vegetables - delicious! You can find variety by incorporating different vegetables for each meal. Oatmeal with honey and fruit is allowed for breakfast. A cleanse can help with energy and reset your digestive system. Repeating it every 6 months is recommended. There is also an option for a shorter, 1 day reset. This cleanse goes to show that you don’t need to restrict yourself or limit enjoyment to achieve a healthy diet!  Banyan Botanicals, one of our supplement companies, offers some wonderful materials and products to help with a cleanse of this nature.

Note: It is important that you work with a provider if this is your first attempt at doing a cleanse. Detox side effects like my headache can occur. A cleanse of this nature may not be suitable for all.

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