Cold and Flu Support Through Early May

Natural Cold Remedies

By Georgia Tetlow, MD and Jill Maddock, PIM Office Manager

How lovely has the weather been lately? As we get a preview of spring days here and there, we feel the temptation to shed our winter hats and scarves--but is cold and flu season over? Most assume cold and flu season ends when warmer weather approaches in early spring. As healthcare providers, we notice a trend that many can still fall ill even after a warm spell--and this can continue through May. This year’s flu season has been harsh, and PIM’s mission as always is to give you the tools and tips to care for yourself and be well. Please consider scheduling a 20 minute free consultation or an appointment with Lauren Houser, MS, MSN, CRNP or Annmarie McManus, MMSc, PA-C, PT, IFMCP.

7 Quick Tips to Avoid Illness During Weather Changes:

  1. Supplementation - Taking you daily Vitamin C and D along with a probiotic will help fight off a cold - alway follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations.

  2. Nutritional Immune Support - A daily smoothie is a great way to incorporate anti-virals into your routine--check out this creative PBJ&E smoothie with elderberry syrup from Emerson Ecologics, one of our supplement companies! Elderberry supports your immune response, soothes a cough and can help clear out congestion.

  3. Protect your nasal passages - The cilia (little hairs) in our nasal passages are extremely sensitive to changes in weather and become sluggish in a sudden drop of the temperature. Cilia become unable to protect us from germs and pathogens entering the body. Steam can help activate the cilia. This is also where that scarf comes in, keep it on!

  4. Soothe dry nasal passages - Cilia also prefer moisture. We recommend a product call Nasya Oil by Banyan Botanicals. A few drops in each nostril before bed will help keep your passages protected and also flush out any foreign viruses or bacteria which may be sticking around--literally. Check out this video to learn how to use Nasya Oil.

  5. Stay hydrated- A mentioned above, moisture can help flush out anything unnecessary and help your body quickly detox.

  6. Sweat it out- Regular exercise increase heart rate and epinephrine production which contributes to narrowed blood vessels in the nasal passages to reduce congestion.

  7. Stay rested! 7-8 hours is ideal and will allow your body to restore.

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