On Embracing Change and My Lessons as a Race Car Driver

Lifestyle change is hard.  When it comes to changing old patterns (mental, emotional, diet or exercise), the #1 rule is self-compassion.  The other #1 rule is learning to express your needs.  Ask for help to move from the known to the unknown.  Ask for help through prayer or meditation, your inner resources, and from your loved ones. As a race care driver (yes!  I am also a race car driver), I learned a lot about how to embrace changes at high speeds...


I have my helmet on and my breath is fogging up the visor. There is no instructor in the passenger seat, just me, the hum of my Honda, my shifting gaze, and my hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. There is a tightness in my stomach. It is hard to feel gravity, which seems more like a thought than a sensation. I am gripping the wheel harder than I need to, as I wait in line to start my run. I am waiting for someone to check my wrist band, to make sure I’ve got my helmet, and that I am belted in. I’m holding my breath, then breathing, then holding my breath, then breathing. This is my first solo run.

Remembering to check in with my body and breath through my first solo run has served as a reminder for how I would like to embrace change!

So remember:

  1. Self-compassion
  2. Express your needs to yourself and others
  3. Check-in with your body and breathe through the discomfort!