Why I chose Lauren to be my fellow provider...


Written by Dr. Georgia Tetlow MD, edited by Clare Abercrombie, BS "I knew I wanted Lauren Houser, CRNP to work with me the first time I met her. She visited my office in 2014 and introduced herself, and I could just tell she was the one. Keep in mind I get a few resumes a month, from providers requesting to join the practice. There was something about her readiness. I asked, "When would you be available?" She said, "Right now."

I asked her if she would be open to pursuing a two year integrative medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona, where I was trained. She said, "Yes." I also suggested she look into a scholarship. Lauren contacted me quite a few months later and let me know she was enrolled with a partial scholarship!

It wasn't until the summer of 2015 that I was ready to get back in touch with her, to see if she was still interested in joining Philadelphia Integrative Medicine. I gave her a call and offered her a job, and, she told me later, she was so excited she tripped over the coffee table and got a big bruise. Lauren joined in September, 2015 and since then I could not have been happier. She has spirited enthusiasm, great professionalism, a superior ability and interest in learning, and the excellence in clinical care that I was looking for. This past year was a year of growth at PIM- as we expanded our practice, Lauren also added a new member to her family. Her pregnancy journey inspired the Fertility Program here at PIM.

Since joining Philadelphia Integrative Medicine, Lauren has been at the top of her game. She is incredibly easy to work with, always challenging herself, researching better ways to serve her patients and evolving and improving clinic protocols. She is an ideal fellow provider and I'm so happy she decided to join me."

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