A Deeper Look into PCOS, Part ll

Written by Dr. Georgia Tetlow, MD and edited by Clare Abercrombie, BS PCOS is most commonly treated with oral contraceptives to suppress the excess androgens (testosterone) and Metformin to treat insulin resistance by making insulin more efficient. But these treatments don’t address the underlying issue, the medications merely control the symptoms associated with PCOS.

Dr. Tetlow and Lauren work with women with PCOS to make dietary and lifestyle changes in addition to focused nutrient supplementation. The right nutrition can make a big difference for women with PCOS, including an organic, whole foods diet with limited amounts of sugar and processed foods. A regular exercise program (30-45 minutes daily) is crucial to aid weight loss and improve insulin sensitivity. Supplements that can further aid PCOS include chromium, a mineral that helps to stabilize blood sugar and Chaste Tree Berry which is a herbal product that encourages ovarian production of progesterone. Dr. Tetlow has successfully worked with many women with PCOS using an approach that supports long-term, optimal health.

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