PIM Staff Expands! Are You The One?


Philadelphia Integrative Medicine's (PIM) Staff is Expanding!  Are you the One?


We are always looking for ways to grow and better ourselves here at PIM.  Currently, we are seeking an Administrative Assistant for Information Technology.  This is a part-time (3 days / week) position that pays $18 per hour.  Our current Office Manager, Denise, will still be a part of PIM, but is transitioning to our virtual assistant.  We can discuss benefits including some free appointments with Dr. Tetlow!  For the full job description and more information on how to apply, click here.

We are also thoughtfully expanding the clinical support staff for Dr. Tetlow. Check for updates in future newsletters! PIMSomething for the Sinuses

Elements of Ayurveda: NASYA - Nasal Drops for Clear Breathing

The nose is the direct route to the brain and also the doorway to consciousness. It is the entrance for prana, the vital life force, which comes into the body through the breath. Healthy uncongested breathing is important to ensure proper flow of prana throughout the head and body.

BENEFITS OF USING NASYA • Lubricates and protects the nasal passages and helps relieve sinus congestion • Helps facilitate the cleansing process • Provides soothing relief for nasal dryness • Helps to release tension in the head and relieve accumulated stress • Traditionally said to improve quality of voice, strengthen vision and promote mental clarity

THE TECHNIQUE 1. Begin by comfortably lying down on your back and tilting your head back with your nostrils opening towards the sky. 2. Place 3-5 drops of nasya oil in each nostril. 3. Take a big sniff in, then rest for a few minutes allowing the nasya to penetrate.

ALTERNATE TECHNIQUE If lying down is not convenient, you can also apply nasya by placing a drop of nasya oil on the little finger and gently inserting it into the nostril. To watch a video about how to administer nasya oil and to learn about its benefits, visit www.banyanbotanicals.com/nasya

PIM Self-Care Retreat for Providers an Unbridled Success!

In June, health care professionals joined us for a 3 day weekend self-care retreat for the purposes of renewal, community, personal transformation and to learn and recommit to self-care.  It was invigorating, relaxing and a joyful experience!

We are so thankful for those who attended and encourage those who couldn't make it to attend our next retreat which will be held December 3-6, 2015. We will be sharing retreat testimonials from June in our future newsletters! All health care providers & healing arts professionals welcome, including psychologists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, health coaches, energy workers, nurses & nurse practitioners, physicians & holistic practitioners of all kinds. Click here to see our snazzy brochure! (Note: chrome browser does not show brochure pictures.)


PIM Georgia Tetlow, MD Founder, Philadelphia Integrative Medicine

Practitioners, join our Allied Integrative Health Professionals Meeting the 1st Monday of Every Month!

Join other health care providers including psychologists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, health coaches, energy workers, nurses and nurse practitioners, physicians and holistic practitioners of any and all kinds to connect for our own self-care and networking. We ask for a donation of $10 when you register to cover costs.  Our next meeting is Monday, August 3rd from 8:00 - 9:30am.  For location, more details, and sign-up please use Eventbrite.

Soothe Your Skin Guide: The Ayurvedic Approach to Inflamed or Irritated Skin. Click here to read.  Receive 20% off products to support healthy skin and liver health with with the promo code AFF715 (expires 7/31/15).

Wellness discounts & resources!

Purchase follow up appointments in bulk and save big! - Buy 3 follow up appointments and get $100 supplement cash (in-clinic use only)! - Buy 5 follow up appointments at once and get the 6th free! Referral bonuses! - Refer a friend and when they enroll as a micronutrient test patient, get $50 supplement cash (in-clinic use only). - Refer a friend and when they enroll as a regular patient, get $100 supplement cash (in-clinic use only).


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