The World of Alternative Testing

I often use SpectraCell micronutrient testing to help me clarify the whole picture and identify root causes.  Today, I'll share my personal story of how I used the results of my own micronutrient test to change my daily regime so that I can be my best.  Want to take a look inside my cells? Dr. Tetlow's Micronutrient Test Results

The most powerful aspect of the micronutrient test is that it measures your intracellular levels of micronutrients (the levels INSIDE your cells) as opposed to blood serum levels which are not always representative of how your cells are metabolizing or utilizing the micronutrients.  In my own results to the left, I noticed that I was low in almost all of the B vitamins.  This surprised me because I actually take a B complex, and it also let me know that I need more intensive B vitamin support than I realized. I also noticed I had a low-normal zinc level and that my copper level was borderline deficient.  Zinc is an important micronutrient as a precursor to serotonin, and it also works with copper to maintain healthy collagen and elastin not only in the skin but also in the arteries. Based on this result, I took a daily zinc/copper supplement for several months to replete my level.  I also noticed that I was borderline in  manganese.  Rather than taking a manganese supplement, I researched foods that were high in manganese and have since increased my seafood consumption as well as certain nuts like pecans.  I roasted a whole bag of organic pecans and now I use them as a dessert and a snack on a daily basis.

An incredibly helpful aspect of this test is to confirm my intracellular vitamin D level. Vitamin D is important for maintaining the health of the gut lining, mood stability, helping to manage autoimmune diseases, keeping the immune system healthy in general, and helping to prevent cancer. I confirmed that my vitamin D level was just where I wanted it.

All in all, the tests provided me with an intracellular level reflection of how I'm doing. It gave me input and direction about steps I can take to help myself be healthy today and in the future. If you would like an intracellular level reflection of your own health, you have two options:

  1. Become a new patient
  2. Do the Mind/Body panel (simple, less expensive, more focused testing)

Micronutrient testing is based on scientific evidence supporting the link between vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant deficiencies and the development of illnesses and in the prolongation of  chronic conditions (see the Journal of the American Medical Association).

In combination with the best of conventional medicine, I use other excellent alternative testing tools to get the most accurate assessment of my patients.  These include the Genecept Assay that looks at ten genes that change clinical management related to neuropsychiatric conditions, Genova/Metametrix for metabolic and gastrointestinal concerns, and ALCAT food allergy tests which can be helpful in patients with extensive food intolerances who may also be losing weight.

On a final note, there's no substitute for a good history and physical, and simply spending time with you to understand what's needed.

Please watch my video about The World of Alternative Testing:

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