Bringing Awareness to the Food/ Emotion Connection Part 2: Strategies and Solutions

Mindful Eating

By Rachel Hershberger, MS, CNS, LDN and Jill Maddock, PIM Office Manager

Last week’s blog focused on the 7 types of hunger and why our personal connection between our emotions and food is so important to our health. This awareness along with the strategies below can help anyone that feels they may be struggling with a weight related health goal.

Below, we explain strategies and solutions for the 7 types of hunger. Join us on 5/9 for a FREE class- Intro to Healthy Weight. If you like our classes and want to dive deeper, checkout our Deep Dive Series with Georgia Tetlow, MD. 6/20 is a Deep Dive on Healthy Weight for Life. Tickets are just $75 and must be purchased ahead of time for Deep Dive classes. We’ll explore the origins of healthy weight and specific next step toward a balanced weight and healthier you.


  • Identification

    • Do you notice any “self talk” around food? What are you saying to yourself?

    • Do you notice before or after you ate something because of an emotion?

    • Are there certain times of day when you engage in emotional eating? The most common time is the evening.

    • What did your meals look like?

  • Emotions/ State of Mind

  • Reflect

    • Reflect on where you were, what you were doing or what thoughts and feelings you are having around meals

    • Did you eat enough during the day? Did you eat breakfast?

    • Are you eating carbs and sweets rather than fats and proteins(needed for satisfaction)

    • Plate size vs. portion size- our senses help dictate when we feel full and perceive satisfaction

Food Craving

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