Look Great, Feel Great! Hormone Balance for Men and Women

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By Georgia Tetlow, MD and Jill Maddock, PIM Office Manager

Bringing Balance

Hormones act like tiny messengers on a chemical level and operate much like an old telephone switchboard. Hormones signal the body to do one thing and then the next. Bringing balance to hormones will ensure proper functions such as sleep, growth and development, mood, sex and reproduction, and how the body utilizes or stores food.

At PIM we utilize insurance reimbursed LabCorp or Quest bloodwork to test for imbalance and monitor progress. Your PIM provider will work with you to develop a comprehensive integrative treatment plan to bring balance to your hormones and thus your life! Annmarie McManus, PA specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. When your hormones are in balance you look great, have sustainable energy, feel great, and have a healthy appetite and sex drive.

How Can I Tell if Hormones are out of Balance?

Hormone imbalance often presents in a wide variety of symptoms that influence energy and mood. Chronic imbalance can also lead to serious conditions such as cancer, fibrocystic breasts or uterine fibroid tumors.

Imbalance occurs when the ratio of progesterone to estrogen is off. The most common problem is estrogen dominance. In both men and women, estrogen and progesterone work with each other in synchronization. High estrogen, proportionately out of balance with progesterone levels, has a cellular stimulatory effect--and is linked to estrogen related cancers (breast, uterine, ovarian) and uterine fibroids. Progesterone can inhibit the production of estrogen, hence protecting the body from the unhealthy stimulatory effects of unchecked estrogen.


Estrogen in both women and men contributes many healthy functions including fat and protein utilization, skeletal growth and balancing electrolytes. In women, estrogen is responsible for growing “female” organs--breasts, uterus, vagina--and is one of the many hormones that helps to keep them healthy. A classic example is how estrogen helps prepare the uterine lining for fertilization or menses. As our readers already know, balance is key in everything, especially when many of today’s lifestyle factors can cause an increase in estrogen leading to imbalance. Gut health is essential for estrogen detoxification and elimination. An inadequate microbiome--sometimes due to poor diet choices and/or a low fiber diet--can lead to estrogen toxicity and symptoms and illness due to estrogen dominance.

Estrogen comes in three forms: estriol, estradiol and estrone. The most potent is estradiol. Exposure to too much estradiol can increase the risk for disease or symptoms. Alternatively, estriol is deemed “good estrogen” and may even protect against cancer.


Progesterone acts as a base for other key hormones such as corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are crucial for survival, stress response, blood pressure and electrolyte balance. Other hormones made from progesterone include testosterone, DHEA, cortisol and estrogen. Progesterone is key in so many of the body’s functions. It also governs fertility, pregnancy, and is responsible for the survival of a fertilized egg through the fetus stage.

Unlike estrogen, progesterone only comes in one natural form, as opposed to multiple forms. Naturally occurring progesterones are considered safe. A synthetic form of progesterone “progestin” has more side effects than natural progesterone, as it can cause blood clots, heart attacks, strokes or problems of the liver and eyes. Progestin is an ingredient in some birth control pills.

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