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Better approach to Thyroid Disease

One of our goals is to inspire patients to take an active role in their own health so it is exciting to see this rise in patient self advocacy. Our holistic approach to thyroid disease includes a thorough laboratory and symptom assessment as well as treatment plans that include diet changes, supplements and several different medication options. Depending on the individual patient and lab values, we often find a compounded extended release T4/T3 medication yields great results in patients who have been struggling with hypothyroid symptoms. It is possible to feel great and have this disease!

As an Integrative Nurse Practitioner, I see and treat a lot of patients with thyroid disease. They often come to us after failing to get better with conventional treatment and knowing that there is a better approach to this endocrine disorder. A recent Wall Street Journal article explored the prevalence of patients dissatisfaction with traditional medicine's limited view on hypothyroidism. The article also noted the increase in the number of patients advocating for a more comprehensive assessment and treatment of thyroid disease.